Raunik Design Group

Raunik Design Group is a multi-disciplinary design group based on the Gold Coast, located in Queensland, Australia. This group provides professional consultancy services in the disciplines of architecture, interior design, urban and regional master planning. Specialty areas include luxury high rise housing, medium to high residential developments, resort design and planning, commercial developments and land planning.

Raunik Design Group takes an individual approach to each project. Every project is assessed on an individual basis, with consideration of environmental, social and design issues related to unique sites. This results in architecture that is a contemporary reflection of the surrounding built and natural environments, whilst meeting individual client requirements.

Raunik Design Group aims to develop strong relationships between all parties, this includes clients, building and design professionals and all team members. Close client relationships are encouraged, not only between the client and director but also team members involved. The development of these relationships ensures the highest level of communication, which produces designs that reflect the individualism and needs of every client.

The team at Raunik Design Group combines the reliability of years of experience, both locally and internationally, with the enthusiasm and cutting edge approach of young designers. As a team, Raunik Design Group continually strives to produce architecture, interior and master planning that is an exciting and innovative reflection of contemporary design.

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